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Step One:

Step One: Go to and register for the Three-Bureau report with score. You will be asked to submit a valid credit card. The monitoring service is $21.99 monthly plus $18.99 per month for any additional reports pulled from Identity IQ. Sterling Legal Services, Inc. requires that you maintain your monthly monitoring subscription for the duration of your credit repair.

This link is used to purchase a credit report from IdentityIQ.

  Step Two: Please answer all security questions accurately, otherwise it will not allow you to view your credit report.


Step Three: Set up your username and password. Please use your first and last name as your Username and use Godsgrace1 as your password.


Step Four: Let our staff know that you have completed the credit monitoring sign up, so that we can view your credit reports. After signing up with, we will need your login information and last four of your social security card number. Please email the credit monitoring site username, password, and last four of social to or contact (404)-345-2464. Once we have your report, our staff will contact you for a free credit consultation and provide information on what tier you fall under.



Our timeline is generally 30 to 45 days, but some of our files finish in less than 21 days.


Once the bureaus receive our dispute package, they will send you an acknowledgment letter along with a free copy of your credit report. They will also mail you a separate letter, alerting you to the fraud alert that we have placed on your file. You are not required to respond bank to them, because we are taking care of it.

Shortly thereafter, you will receive a free credit report from all three bureaus, as required by law. These reports will contain all of your accounts including the disputed derogatory accounts. In approximately 7 to 10 days, you will start to receive updated reports that will reflect deleted accounts and updated account information. Additionally, you may receive letters from your alleged creditors, requesting additional information or letters of disagreement in regards to your disputes. Please do not respond to any of them, because we are handling all of the legal correspondence.


Sterling Legal Services requires that you maintain your monthly monitoring subscription for the duration of your credit repair. We log into your credit reports twice a month to verify if the updates from the bureaus have posted on the consumer portal. If you fail to maintain your subscription, your file will be delayed.



Sterling Legal Services submits files directly to the legal compliance department at the credit bureaus and public records databases. Our submissions are detailed with disputed creditors, account numbers, owed balances, original opening dates, along with case law and federal credit laws regarding what the bureaus can or cannot report.

The bureaus and public records database ONLY processes what we upload during the origination dispute. If you get any new collections, after your file has been submitted, it will NOT be inclusive of the original dispute. We are required to submit a new dispute for any collections, late payments, charged-off accounts etc. If this happens, you will be required to pay our filing fee in the amount of $425.00.



Sterling Legal Services will provide you with credit updates every two weeks, or until your file is complete. It is not necessary to contact us daily or weekly regarding updates and/or questions about your file. The bureaus provide us with updates every 10 to 14 days, so we respectfully request that you allow us to reach out to you.


During your processing time, we firmly request that you DO NOT APPLY for any credit accounts, loans or credit limit raises, because it delays the processing times and it will reduce your overall credit scores. Please wait until your file is completely finished and you will qualify for lower interest rates and higher credit lines.


If all of the accounts on your credit report are derogatory, you will not have any credit or a credit score, when your credit file is completed. You will need to re-establish credit by either adding authorized users along with a primary credit account or you can apply for secured credit cards. Sterling Legal Services, Inc., does not sell authorized user accounts or trade lines. We do offer referrals to companies that offer that service, but it is up to your discretion if you choose to use them.

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