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Consumer Advocacy& CONSULTING

 We assist clients with identity theft, erroneous consumer reporting, and credit counseling. Sterling Legal Services strives to advocate for consumers while teaching financial literacy.  Our services will help start you off with a solid foundation to take the next step toward financial independence.


Let us assist you with your small business formation. We specialize in the formation of LLC’s, Partnerships, and Corporations. We also handle everything from registered agents, EIN assistance, articles of incorporation, articles of organization, operating agreements, corporate book and seal with opening minutes, contracts.


We are certified agents, who are here to notarize your most important paperwork. It could be a power of attorney, a medical document, a business agreement, real estate documents, a bill of sale, or a will. To get these documents notarized, you'll have to find a certified notary public. The frustrating part about visiting these places is that there’s no guarantee a signing agent is readily available. Sterling Legal Services is changing that by offering a mobile service that comes directly to you!


We handle every aspect of Tax law, which includes preparing individual and business returns, resolving IRS and State-related tax controversies, applying for Non-profit tax/tax-exempt status 501(c)(3), and tax-related identity theft.


Arbitration and Mediation with specialization in international and domestic contract dispute resolution.


Take your idea to the next level by federally registering it with us. We trademark all combinations of logos, devices, lettering, and symbols used to identify a product or service.

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