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Background Check Consultations are $100. Our background check services are variant from $2,500-$10,000 depending upon the severity of the case.


This is an elite, VIP service for public figures, entertainers, 6-figure and up earners, and those with an expectation of privacy due to the severity of their backgrounds.​


How Does The Service Work?

Sterling Legal Services, Inc., is one the premier and exclusive Background Check Removal service in the country. We have over 15 years of experience and we can eradicate criminal records reporting and other private and/or personal data from 75 online databases, including,, Spokeo, Westlaw and Intelius. Our Background Check Removal Services, removes your record from the aforementioned databases and ensures that it stays off.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Background Check Removal is typically completed within 45 days, but can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks. In some cases, you will see results in less than 72 hours.

How Many Databases Are Covered By This Service?

Public record databases generally share information in a trickle-down effect. Meaning one large database shares information and then the other databases gather that same information from the original reporting. So, by removing it from the larger or more popular databases, your removal information will trickle down to the smaller or more obscure databases. However, initially it will remove you from 75 popular online databases, including, Spokeo,, Westlaw, and Intelius, which will reduce the possibility that your personal and criminal record will cause you problems in the future. We do not guarantee removal from new databases that may pop up in the future, but we can address those on a case-by-case basis.

What Other Removal Services Do You Offer?

We remove derogatory tenant history and ChexSystems reporting.

A police report will be required to delete the aforementioned information. Our fee for Tenant history is $1,000.00 and ChexSystems is $1,500.00.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our Background Removal Service is unlike any other. We forensically research all of the databases with your name, possible alias’s, misspelled names, erroneous addresses, phone numbers, emails, employers and people that are currently or previously linked to you. Once we have compiled a comprehensive report, we then start the removal process as your legal representative.

Sterling Legal Services, has a law database that we use to gather your initial information, such criminal history, owned assets, public records, credit reports, people matching, DMV reports, and potential collection activity from unpaid creditors. Our competitors do not offer the same products.

Our fee is $2,500.00-$10,000.00 depending on the severity of the information that we find and/or complete record sealing with the courts.

What Information Is Not Removable?

We at Sterling Legal Services are committed to helping those who have been affected by the reporting of false information, or information that exceeds the legal time constraints for reporting, or for those individuals who use to live a different life, but have now changed their lives for the better. We feel that everyone deserves the right at a second chance, specifically when it comes to employment and housing, with that being said there are some cases that we will not assist with due to the severity. Listed below are the charges that we WILL NOT assist with, UNLESS YOU WERE NOT CONVICTED:

• Child molestation
• More than one murder conviction or multiple murder charges
• Violence against the elderly, children or disabled
• Aggravated rape
• Severe domestic battery with injuries
• Human trafficking or Pimping
• Kidnapping
• Terrorism, Domestic or International
• Necrophilia (sex with the dead),
• Bestiality (sex with animals)
• Fraud against the elderly
• Arson
• Aggravated Stalking
• Hate Crimes

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