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Sterling Legal Services Incorporations President and Senior Arbitrator, Towana Ford Williams is an elite business mogul and highly respected industry proprietor. Having over 17 years of professional experience in legal services with a strong background in corporate business and finance, Towana is the epitome of success, business insight, and unmatched industry expertise. Throughout her career trajectory, she has specialized in contracts, trademarks, alternative dispute resolutions, and copyrights. She also held the privilege of working as a Legal Consultant for boutique law firms across Georgia where she specialized in practice management and streamlined accounting for billing and payroll systems. Today, she leads a talented team of professional legal associates at Sterling Legal Group while continuing to give back and raise awareness for underserved communities throughout Atlanta.

Towana Ford-Williams 

Chief Executive Officer

(404)-205-5793 |



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 Blaine J. Berry 

Director of Operations


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 Challyn Williams 



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 Jerrica Williams 

Senior Paralegal


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